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AVG is OK.

I had an official license on Norton 360, but chose AVG here due to the fantastic pricing and to test it out. Had battery issues with Norton on iPhone, that I don't have with AVG. Besides that, the information you get about what the antivirus does on your computer, iPhone,... is more extensive and understandable. Perfect service and perfectly legal license at KEYND. Satisfied customer!

Microsoft Windows 11 Pro (PC) - Microsoft Key - GLOBAL

Highly recommend

It was such a relief to be able to activate my operating system right away and get to work. Thank you for the speedy service!

extremely happy

the purchasing process was simple and I received my Steam key immediately

BATTLETECH Mercenary Collection Steam Key GLOBAL

Win 10

Got the key! Also could update to win 11, so far so good! Thanks guys🤜🤛

it's fun

got an epic item after a few tries

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM Trilogy (Xbox One) - Xbox Live Key - ARGENTINA


Don't waste your money on this, Even if it's just half a dollar

AIDA64 Extreme - AIDA64 Key - GLOBAL

Flexepin Gift Card 50 CAD - Flexepin Key - CANADA
Nelson Carrière
Good job

Good job

Blizzard Gift Card 50 EUR - Key - EUROPE
Anna Gruba

Top, thanks :)

All good

I got the KEY. All good. Thanks.

Avast Premier Avast PC 3 Devices 1 Year PC Avast Key GLOBAL

Good site - Goood support

Purchase was fast and easy using PayPal. Got the key pretty much instantly. Product key worked as expected. Will purchase again!!!

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Trial 2 Months - Xbox Live Key - GLOBAL

Steam Gift Card GLOBAL 12 USD Steam Key - For USD Currency Only
Best steam key reseller

An extremely trustful website just bought 2 products that were pulled steam with them and the process went smoothly would highly recommend using it for those games that were pulled out of online markets

Steam Gift Card 100 USD - Steam Key - For USD Currency Only
Frank Miller
Had no problems until I tried to pay for my purchase

Good deal, though the site is a bit glitchy. Had no problems until I tried to pay for my purchase. The site kept getting a transaction error for my discover card, which is a perfectly good card and stated to be accepted by the site. I had to switch to PayPal to purchase, which went smoothly. Have already played the game with Steam and am happy so far.

Steam Gift Card 100 USD - Steam Key - For USD Currency Only
Ava Bell
I have purchased a few keys

This website is pretty good and I have purchased a few keys. Just don't buy the random steam keys, you get horrible games not worth the money you buy them for.

Steam Gift Card 100 USD - Steam Key - For USD Currency Only
Gary Richardson
Legit and very helpful

Very low prices for their games and s/w so I was skeptical at first but I saw good reviews so I purchased 3 keys. I received my keys and D/L instructions within minutes. I installed and registered all 3 without a problem.
I did have one problem with an over payment so I requested a support ticket. I did expect to wait a day or 2 for a reply so I was pretty shocked when they replied in only 30 mins and refunded me the amount I had overpaid.

No issues with gift cards/digital codes

I have used the site now for a number of years, I had an issue about two years ago where a code wasn't delivered but after using the online chat, this was resolved.

very trusted and fast

very trusted and fast, never had any problems

I have used many times now

I have used many times now and I can say that they are one of the best sites out there for buying cheaper games and gift cards. I have not had any problems with defective keys. I will continue to use this site in the future.

Quick n Fast delivery problem

I never had any problems with keynd honestly

An awesome plays to buy games!

I have purchased many keys from Keynd Store. All of them were working great and I will keep using them. I have never faced a single problem with the transactions or the quality of the keys!I would highly recommend it to anyone to give this store a try!