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£30.58 GBP
Sale price is an open world vehicle is an open world vehicle simulator which provides you with a huge amount of different vehicles – everything from a delivery mission in a big truck to a fast and full of adrenaline... Read more
Platform: Steam
Region: GLOBAL
Developer: BeamNG
Publisher: BeamNG
Release Date: Fri, May 29, 2015
Availability: In Stock (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL is an open world vehicle simulator is an open world vehicle simulator which provides you with a huge amount of different vehicles – everything from a delivery mission in a big truck to a fast and full of adrenaline rally race or a type of events loved by everyone, known as destruction derby. The detailed system of customization and modification allows you to make the car look exactly how you want it to look – fix it up, change the weight of the panel by taking of various panels or simply upgrade the car. In general, you are provided with nearly limitless possibilities in the context of driving. 

Do you want to destroy other vehicles in fast-paced destruction derby on a small circular are? Well, you can do it. Maybe, you prefer to feel like a truck driver, who is responsible for delivering various materials from point A to point B? You got it all here! On the other hand, you might not like such events at all and your biggest dream is to leisurely drive your Sedan through the whole country? 

Not a problem. Players are different, hence gives them endless possibilities in the context of the way, they want to spend their time. A good time is waiting for you.

Incredibly accurate models of cars and realistic model of physics has two elements which are going to be important for you. The first of these elements are details of cars themselves. Right now you can run 4 to 6 cars at one time on a high-end quad-core processor. Each vehicle has around 400 nodes and 4000 beams, all being simulated 2000 times per second. 

According to the authors of the game (which currently is in the Early Access), it seems that soon, up to 8 cars are going to be rendered even by relatively weak computers. The second and the most important aspect of the game is the physics engine. provides you with a very detailed soft-body physics so to speak. It simulates every little element of the car itself thanks to use of nodes and beams. 

Thanks to this you can play in the most detailed and realistic simulation. In other words, the game has one of the most advanced physics engines ever created. Cars and each of their elements behave like they would in real life. Hence, if you're looking for a realistic simulator of car driving then is a game which is going to fulfill your heart’s desires.

Key features:

  • A realistic damage model which allows you to participate in wonderful crashes and Destruction Derbies.
  • A realistic physics model which makes cars behave like they would in real life situations.
  • Beautiful open world environment.
  • Endless possibilities are waiting for you. You can do whatever you want.
  • An easy customization of game elements.
  • 14 detailed, customizable and destructible vehicles are waiting for you. You can choose from big trucks, through family sedans up to compact cars.

What are the system requirements?

Below are the system specifications for (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for this product may change over time.

  • OS: Windows 7
  • PROCESSOR: Intel i3
  • OS: Windows 8 64 Bit
  • PROCESSOR: Intel i5/i7
  • MEMORY: 4 GB