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Napoleon: Total War (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

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Taste of historyAs a history connoisseur, immerse in the old times of late18th and early 19th century Europe and Africa and see life as a general in lively battlefields. Your historical journey as Napoleon and French army is divided into... Read more
Platform: Steam
Region: GLOBAL
Release Date: Thu, Feb 25, 2010
Availability: In Stock
Napoleon: Total War (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL

Taste of history

As a history connoisseur, immerse in the old times of late18th and early 19th century Europe and Africa and see life as a general in lively battlefields. Your historical journey as Napoleon and French army is divided into three campaigns: Italian (1796-97) Egyptian (1798-1800) and European (1805-1812).The adventure begins with the campaign in Northern Italy. Be alert and move from that starting point through the following historical phases. Experience the increasing power of French Republic, then try French invasion of Egypt and finally witness the decay of the French empire. The campaigns of the coalition such as Austria or Britain are trying to take Napoleon down, take the other side’s part as well.


This game offers also vast alteration to historical events. Choose your tactics and create your version of European history. Whether you play as Napoleon or against him, the result of this war remains unknown. Unroll a big campaign map and start planning. History depends on your talents of leading the army through most furious battlefields never before seen in Total War games.


This strategy in real time tactics game gives you a large selection of warfare experience. Gameplay offers a variety of unique styles of combat and a great number of original weapons to choose from. You can run around with line infantry and shoot at the opponent. Go to real time-battles and attack! Push back and forth with melee. Charge with your cavalry, do bayonet charge or start volley fire. Send your cavalry around again and wipe the enemy out. Napoleonic era was huge on artillery - in this game you can have the feeling of an artillery master. Lead your combat both on land and in the sea.

Multiplayer campaign

Napoleon: Total War gives you a chance to enjoy fights with other players. Improved AI and mechanics of the sequel to Empire Total War, will run and play smoothly in multiplayer mode. Full set of online functions, Steam achievements, unified editor and voice commentary contribute to good fun. Get interested in the Napoleonic period of warfare with your friends and try each other on European or Egyptian battlefields.

Animations and visuals

Film narration and exciting characters come real in front of your eyes due to outstanding animations and superb actors’ voice dubbing. Houses, churches, village huts, cottages and other beautifully created buildings add to the reality of historical aesthetics. Listen carefully to the dialogues and watch out for surprises. Go and edit uniforms for your soldiers with vivid colors and exciting historical patterns.

Key features:

Napoleon: Total War is an exciting combination of real-time strategy and turn-based. Be prepared to feel as warfare genius

  • Possibility to become Napoleon - one of the most famous and successful generals of all times
  • Option to play against Napoleon
  • Superb sequences of war scenarios in authentic surroundings
  • On land and on sea settings
  • Lively characters in original uniforms
  • New thrilling tactical options with an outstanding range of historical weapons of all kinds
  • Three campaigns to take part in – Italy, Egypt, Europe
  • Smooth multiplayer mode with clear layout and gameplay bonuses
  • Fascinating missions to complete and sandbox experience
  • Entertaining recreations of battles that changed history

What are the system requirements?

Below are the system specifications for Napoleon: Total War (PC) - Steam Key - GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for this product may change over time.

  • OS: Windows XP SP2 / Vista
  • PROCESSOR: Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
  • GRAPHICS: 256 MB VRAM - Nvidia GeForce 8800